The full-automatic analyzer for coagulation diagnostics (PT/aPTT), fibrinogen measurement and blood typing!

The QuickVet® is an analyzer for the identification of the coagulation parameters PT and aPTT and the determination of the acute phase protein fibrinogen as well as the blood typing for dogs and cats. Fibrinogen is an acute phase protein and an additional important coagulation parameter. Lower results indicate in order with the parameters PT and aPTT and the number of the thrombocytes a disseminated intravascular coagulation. Furthermore the QuickVet® analyzer dedicates automatic blood typing tests for dogs (DEA 1.1) and cats. They combine fast and exact measurement blood typing results with an easy handling.

The QuickVet® provides a 7 inch colour touch screen display. The modern design of the device does not only reflect the high-quality manufacture, but also the accuracy and the reliability of the measurement results. A cartridge is used for a blood sample measurement, which is characterized by a long durability.

Product description

Coagulation diagnostics directly in your practice

The easy operation and reliable test results of the QuickVet® are impressive and help determine the PT and aPTT directly in your practice. The simultaneous determination of PT and aPTT in one test cartridge, saves you valuable time. The QuickVet® provides you the test results within a few minutes so that in emergency situations or in case of an intoxication with coumarin derivatives, you can start directly with your therapy. Likewise, you will receive a fast and secure overview of the coagulation status of your patients before each operation.

Easy to use

Thanks to the intuitive user interface of the device and the minimum steps, the QuickVet® is great with test performance and usability. The analyzer works with pre-calibrated reagents that are already included in the ready-made test card. An elaborate sample and reagent preparation is not necessary.

Just three steps are necessary for your results:

  • 1. Insert the cartridge into the analyzer
  • 2. Put in the patient data
  • 3. After a short incubation period, add the sample material

Determination of the acute phase protein fibrinogen in dogs and horses

Fibrinogen plays not only an important role in clotting, it also is an acute phase protein and is used for the diagnosis of inflammatory diseases especially. In case of inflammation fibrinogen responding as a positive acute phase protein in dogs and horses. The fibrinogen concentration can rise to up to 10-fold concentration in 24 to 72 hours.

Result Interpretation

Additionally to the coagulation parameters, the QuickVet analyser determines blood groups in dogs and cats. These are helpful in animals with inconclusive results of blood typing. Blood typing is essential to save dogs and cats life. After blood loss, a blood transfusion may be necessary. It is thereby essential to know the blood group of the donor as well as of the recipient of the blood. A failing blood transfusion would develop an immediate and severe incompatibility reaction including hemolysis. Clinically, the incompatibility reaction can be associated with hypotonia, miction, defecation and/or vomitus. Life threatening bradycardia, apnea, and severe neurological symptoms are further complications, which may arise.