Eurolyser solo

Eurolyser solo

Product description

The specialist in Point-of-Care Diagnostics

The EURLyser solo is a veterinary analyzer to determine the parameters T4, fructosamine, fibrinogen, cCRP, SAA, Lipase (pancreatic-specific) and ammonia. To determine the canine cCRP the EUROLyser solo analyzes the samples with the Gentian canine CRP reagent. The assay uses polyclonal antibodies specific for the dog and enables sensitive cCRP determination directly in your practice!

Important additional parameters as needed locally

The EUROLyser solo is a perfect addition to your clinical chemistry routine equipment. Determine the acute phase proteins cCRP (in dogs), SAA (in cats and horses) and fibrinogen (in horses) directly into your practice and recognize early systemic inflammation in your patients. Furthermore, a direct monitoring of the therapy of your patients is assured with systemic inflammation. In addition, important parameters for thyroid diagnosis (T4), diabetes mellitus Monitoring (fructosamine) and the pancreas diagnostics (pancreas-specific lipase) can be analyzed with the EUROLyser solo.

Operation: simple, modern, intuitive

Operation of the EUROLyser solo is via a modern LCD touch display. All test information, the batch and the calibration data is automatically read via an RFID card. The intuitive menu guidance allows measurements within minutes. The measurement results are transmitted after the measurement directly to your practice management software.

Reagents from the large laboratory in-house

The handy fully automatic machine impresses with its easy handling and its compact design. The EUROLyser solo measures the parameters in the individual test method. All tests are based on a wet chemical test principle.