scil v-ParCoGia

scil v-ParCoGia

Parvovirus antigen (CPV2a, 2b, 2c, as well as CPV2 and FPV), Coronavirus antigen (CCV + FCoV) as well as Giardia duodenalis antigen are simultaneously detected in the scil v-ParCoGia assay. While parvovirus leads to watery diarrhea dominantly in puppies, coronavirus infection is an important cause for gastro-enteritis in dogs of any age. Giardia infection can be acute or chronic. Intermittent shedding of causative agents should be considered. Detecting these three agents causing gastroenteritis in one test system facilitates rapid workflow in the clinic.

Product description

scil v-ParCoGia Test Performance

 Sensitivity Specificity Reference  n
CPV/FPC 93.33% 99.99% ELISA*  100
CCV/FCoV 99.99% 97.50% ELISA*+PCR  43
Giardia 91.89% 97.87% ELISA*  84

*Enzyme-linked immunosorbent Assay

scil v-ParCoGia Test Procedure

  1. Put the cotton swab with the fecal sample into the reagent bottle and stir up the fluid with the cotton swab so that the sample material dissolves. 
  2. Close the reagent bottle tightly and shake it well. Break up the tip of the reagent bottle and pipette three drops to the sample well of the test cassette. 

scil v-ParCoGia Test Components

» scil v-ParCoGia test cassette

» cotton swab

» reagent bottle