scil v-Giardia

scil v-Giardia

scil Rapid Test for detection of Giardia duodenalis antigen in fecal samples. Giardia is a zoonotic, protozoal parasite which forms trophozoites in the intestine where they can lead to enterocyte apoptosis and diarrhea. Trophozoites and infectious cysts are intermittently shed with the feces. Clinically, Giardia infection can lead to acute or chronic diarrhea in dogs and cats, which may be self-limiting. Asymptomatic cases occur frequentlyas well as periodic-intermittent diseases. The latter one is attributed to the persistence of cysts for month in the environment as they are very resistant. These facts favor reinfection of patients, which is especially in households with multiple animals problematic. Screening should therefore always include all animals present in the family.

Product description

scil v-Giardia Test Performance

  Sensitivity  Specificity  Reference  n
Giardia  91.89%  97.87%  ELISA*  84

*Enzyme-linked immunosorbent Assay

scil v-Giardia Test Procedure

  1. Put the cotton swab with the fecal sample into the reagent bottle and stir up the fluid with the cotton swab so that the sample material dissolves. 
  2. Close the reagent bottle tightly and shake it well. Break up the tip of the reagent bottle and pipette three drops to the sample well of the test cassette. 

scil v-Giardia Test Components

» scil v-Giardia test cassette

» cotton swab

» reagent bottle