scil v-Corona

scil v-Corona

Canine Coronavirus (CCV) is widely spread in the canine population and can lead to enteritis with  malodorous, watery to bloody diarrhea, mimicking the diarrhea present in parvovirus infection. In puppies CCV infection is, besides parvovirus infection, the second common viral cause for diarrhoea.  

Feline Coronavirus (FCoV) is present throughout the world. The clinical picture after FCoV infection can vary profoundly in cats and ranges from subclinical infections to a deadly disease, the feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Although FCoV is highly infectious and widely spread especially in multicat households, only a small percentage of infected cats ever develop FIP. Studies show a positive correlation between the antibody-level and the rate of virus shedding in cats. scil v-Corona is a very helpful test to rapidly and accurately detect Coronavirus antigens (CCV + FCoV) in fecal samples which allows rapid initiation of treatment.

Product description

scil v-Corona Test Performance

  Sensitivity  Specificity  Reference  n
CCV/FCoV  99.99%  97.50%  ELISA* + PCR  43

*Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay

scil v-Corona Test Procedure

  1. Put the cotton swab with the fecal sample into the reagent bottle and stir up the fluid with the cotton swab so that the sample material dissolves.
  2. Close the reagent bottle tightly and shake it well. Break up the tip of the reagent bottle and pipette three drops to the sample well of the test cassette.

scil v-Corona Test Components

» scil v-Corona test cassette

» cotton swab

» reagent bottle