scil v-RetroFel

scil v-RetroFel

Retroviruses are important infectious agents in cats. Advantage of this unique assay is simultaneous detection of antigens of and, most importantly, antibodies against Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV).This combination allows not only the identification of viremic cats with progressive FeLV infection but also cats, which overcame viremia and are latently infected. The assay additionally detects antibodies against Feline Immunodefi ciency Virus (FIV) associated proteins p24 and gp41. scil v-RetroFel uses a highly specific peptide to increase binding affinity of antigens and antibodies in the test system thereby providing excellent sensitivity and specificity for the assay. The clinical pictures of the diseases associated with FeLV and FIV infection vary and depend on virulence of the agent as well as immune status of the patient. Hematologic or lymphatic diseases are common as well as secondary diseases related to the suppressed immune system of infected cats.

Product description

scil v-RetroFel Test Performance

  Sensitivity  Specificity  Reference   n
FeLV AG  94.59%  99.99%  ELISA*    120
FeLVAB  94.44%  99.99%  ELISA*  71
FIV  91.67%  97.83%  ELISA*  94

*Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay

scil v-RetroFel Test Procedure

  1. Take up the sample with the pipette and carefully put one drop (30 μl) of sample material into the sample well. Repeat procedure for each sample well.
  2. Add two drops of the reagent from the reagent bottle into each sample well.

scil v-RetroFel Test Components

» scil v-RetroFel test cassette

» pipette

» reagent bottle