Pegasus X-Ray DR

Pegasus X-Ray DR

The Pegasus X-RayDR station is the latest generation of mobile x-ray solutions which has been developed to be veterinary specific. Pegasus uses wireless technology to automatically synchronise the detector and the generator, bringing you advanced, high quality images. Forget the constraints of heavy, awkward systems with poor image quality, the Pegasus X-RayDR system offers advanced digital radiography.

Product description


The Pegasus has a carbon shell which offers exceptional resistance and weights only 11kg. The ergonomic carry handle allows easy transportation and the stable design prevents tipping, making this the perfect portable system.

Comapct & portable

The Pegasus X-rayDR system is compact and portable, perfect for transporting between the practice and the field. The system has a special slot for the charging port, and an area to ensure the X-ray plate can be transported easily as well as a wireless keyboard which fits on to the back of the acquisition station.

Large, high definition touch screen

The 19’’ touch screen offers high quality image viewing whilst being robust for use in the field.

Image Pilot Software

Image Pilot is a new generation of acquisition software that significantly simplifies the treatment of images thanks to auto pilot imaging which automatically optimises images using specific algorithms. The Auto Pilot tools are used with every image, regardless of the body part. In addition, Image Pilot integrated and combines the image acquisition, patient registration, image viewing and image storing in the easy to use maintenance system. Image Pilot also includes a range of clinical measurement tools and annotation to allow you to make a diagnostic easily.


The Pegasus includes various output media and networks required to archive and export images. RJ45, USB, VGA, HDMI, WIDI.